So You Think Your Wife / Girlfriend is Cheating on You...

1TopSpy is your tool to discover if your Wife or Girlfriend is cheating on you. For some cheating wives, the affair is truly all about sex... The dangers of a cheating Girlfriend or Wife to your physical & emotional health are simply too great for you to ignore - HIV, STDs, etc. are all risks you can't afford to let him take for you!

- Allows you to keep real-time tabs on whom your spouse conversation chats detail, SMS messages with

- Ability to judge via GPS positioning where they REALLY are vs where they SAY they are

- You can search their history of messages for key cheating words

- Listen Live to the Cell Phone Surroundings

The new generation of smartphones, like Google's Android phones and Apple's iPhone are every cheating boufriend's or Wife's wet dream. They allow cheaters a fully cell phone internet connection, enabling them to access their social networks to hunt for dates, engage in chats detail and do all this discretely from any location — on the way to work, walking the dog, anywhere...

Mobile Phone Platforms supported by 1TopSpy

1TopSpy supports all smart phone platforms including Android, iPhone. More details for supported platforms can be found at mobile spy software, cell phone spy software, android spy software , iphone spy software.

Catching a cheater can be tricky

The immediate result is that women who do cheat usually do so in a well planned and discrete fashion, making it exceedingly difficult for their men to know they're being cuckolded. Women are genetically less prone to infidelity than men seeing as from an evolutionary perspective they tend to be risking more should the affair be discovered.

Her Cell Phone can probably help you catch her

Gaining access to your cheating wife's or girlfriend's mobile phone is the single most effective method for quickly and indisputably substantiating your suspicions of her affair.

Catch your cheating girlfriend / wife and put your mind at rest

Women's concerns for their Girlfriend's or Wife's cheating are also rooted in the same biological facts: When a woman asks "Is he cheating on me?" she's essentially trying to get validation for the question "Will he be committed to supporting our childrens?"

So now that we understand why men cheat and what we women risk losing when they do, it becomes clearer.
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"Recommending it to my Girlfriend."
..It seems like people expect the man to cheat and, if he does, it's his fault - not the woman's. If a woman cheats, it's the man's fault because he's not meeting her needs...

...Not all affairs are flings, Sometimes people develop an emotional connection, an emotional affair, rather than something sexual...

Women DO have sex drives, and MANY women cheat

It's an unhappy fact that 48-59% of women have some form of affair during their relationship. So the possibility that your wife or girlfriend is cheating isn't really as farfetched as you might initially think...

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