Hack Incoming/Outgoing Emails

1TopSpy allows you to hack email logging on the target phone (Gmail for Android phone and Mail App for iPhone/iPad).

Note: You need "Root" target phone to Track Incoming / Outgoing Emails.

1TopSpy lets you get all emails that the monitored phone sends through the Gmail application. With 1TopSpy's email logging feature you can:

  • Access all Incoming / Outgoing emails, from all accounts configured into the monitored phone.
  • The date and time stamp of every email
  • Identify the subject and body, sender, recipient(s) of the email clearly.
Monitor all incoming and outgoing emails.
Track all incoming and outgoing emails

Why You Need Track Incoming / Outgoing Emails Feature

your employee may be slacking on a project you've assigned him or Your child may be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Learn the TRUTH with 1TopSpy! This stealth program installs to your compatible cell phone. It then records every email and logging every email including email address, content, date and more.

Supported platforms for Hack Email feature:

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