See All Photos Captured

Record all photos captured by target phone camera. Automatically send photos to your online account without the need of using iTunes or PC software. This also help you protect your children against taking nude photo and sharing with bad friends.

1TopSpy lets you see all photos taken by and downloaded to the monitored phone. With 1TopSpy photo hacking app you can:

  • Look at time and date stamps to see when the photos were taken or downloaded.
  • See all the photos stored on the monitored phone.
  • All photos are uploaded to your online 1TopSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
Hack All Photos Captured on cell phone
Track All Photos Captured on mobile phone

Why You Need Hack Photos Captured Feature?

Do you suspect that some of your employees are taking pictures that might be of use to your competitors? Do you want to make sure your kids are not using their smartphone cameras for taking obscene pictures? 1TopSpy lets you see all photos captured on the monitored phone so you will know exactly what your target has been up to.

Supported platforms for Track Photos Captured feature:

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