Spy On Someones Phone Calls

1TopSpy Spy Call Recorder allows you to record all incoming/outgoing calls in mobile phone as MP3 file and alow you to play/download it online via website remotely.
✔ Capture any number of calls.
✔ Captures calls silently without the user getting to know.
✔ Play / download it on this website.

Why You Need Call Recorder Feature?

Do you scare you staff who can sell customer's phone list to other companies? Are your children on the mobile phone at suspicious times? Do you want to know what anybody is chatting on the cell phone about? It so awesome to be able to just listen to their calls and make sure everything is right? Well, this is where 1TopSpy’s spy call recording feature comes in handy. All you need to do is install 1TopSpy on phone you want to monitor, you would have access to the recordings of all calls bying made by the target phone.

Record all incoming and outgoing phone calls
Supported platforms for this feature:

Can you use Spy Call Recording for what?

There are many reasons to tracking and monitoring calls made and received by someone. With 1TopSpy, you easily to spy call recording and view the calls logs by your online account, download mp3 file calls record to your computer.

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